Moving forward


2015/2016 : the School inaugurated its new premises at La Friche de la Belle de Mai.

2500m2 of stages, technical studios, conference rooms, digital platform and a new organisation to mutualise this facility with the training centre for apprentices to learn the technical skills required to work in performing arts: the Institut Méditerranéen des Métiers du Spectacle (Mediterranean Institute for Professionals in the Performing Arts).

Teaching is evolving and opening up to other domains of skills thanks to the creation of joint projects set up to enhance the ties between technical and artistic practices.


2016/2017 : the School is authorised by the Ministry of Culture to deliver the National Diploma in Theatre Teaching: thus opening its doors to a new public seeking vocational training.

This new course provides the opportunity to set up the following program    « Words in Acts » :

The young actors and experienced artistes will place their skills in the hands of the teachers and their pupils by using acting techniques to develop the following:

- public speaking,

- reading out loud,

- analyses of theatrical works,

- listening to, adroitness, concentration and self-confidence,

- the pleasure of reading.

This joint work between the artiste and the teacher will enable the pupils in the classes involved to be provided with the tools essential to progressing in the field of culture. With equal rights to access this field, the pupil is free to follow their own career path.


Equality : 7 young women and 7 young men are recruited each year. If, during the entrance examination process, two candidates attain the same level, their desire to become an actor will make it possible to distinguish which one to accept and thus enhance their ability to take the first steps along their path and overcome obstacles.


Differences : being together despite our differences, is what makes group work so interesting, avoiding self-centredness and other facilities, to develop one’s curiosity.


Equal yet different, artistes from a wide variety of cultures and horizons is what I adore in Peter Brook’s troupe, and for a long time now, is that which makes us strong and which unites us.


Didier Abadie