The academic program of Ecole Régionale d'Acteurs de Cannes et Marseille (Cannes and Marseille Regional Drama School ) represents a volume of more than 1200 lecturing hours a year.


It was designed to allow every young artist to build his/her own tools as a creating performing artist among a working community of 14 actors, 7 women and 7 men.

The 14 elected artists are voluntarily chosen on their different backgrounds and artistic approaches. These are the differences artists feed on.

These choices made by the  ERACM almost from the beginning brings us to reinforce our opening to an international level.


International agenda


Since 2015, the ERACM has grown closer to several schools around the Mediterranean and Europe through master classes, artistic residences and exchanges. All partners are pursuing the same goal,namely the advent and the professionalisation process of young directors working with young actors. Readings in native languages, bilingual performances will help to preserve our differences and our cultures to discover them in a better way. In that respect, national schools, theatres, artistic residence centres will join this project.



Actors’ project developing platform.


In the frame of ERACM developing  professional insertion mechanism (FIJAD

(FIJAD -  Vocation Insertion Fund for Young Dramatic Artists) the school has just adopted a new tool  : a platform for developing actors’ projects.


The platform will bring its support in the training, juridical, technical, logistical and administrative field to  the ERACM young graduates who are the project leaders of an artistic performance.

It is designed to be a fab lab, a nest for young firms and a training place to manage a theatre company.

Two projects will be borne each year.

The technicians hired on the project will be the former apprentices from the Centre For Training Apprentices in the entertainment business (CFA), who have completed their training and who shared part of their courses with  ERACM students.

Each project will be borne until its achievement and dissemination. At the end of this course, a company might be created by the young stage director.


Drama Teacher State Degree


Since 2016, the Educational Activities  Degree, a school degree given out by the ERACM since 2013 has become the Drama Teacher State Degree. It is made of five modules, three of which are now part of the Higher Professional National Comedian Degree. As part of the school project, this training allows to deliver young artists a pedagogical  dimension as they perform more than 800 hours of artistic interventions in academic environments.




The city of Cannes has just started the building of an academic campus, merging the Côte d’Azur University and different training structures linked to images and screenwriting.

This will allow  the ERACM to complete its pedagogical course by initiating new collaborations with this partner before its opening in 2019.



Didier Abadie