DE - DIPLÔME D'ÉTAT DE PROFESSEUR DE THÉÂTRE (National Diploma in Drama Teaching)



The DE validates the general and professional knowledge and skills acquired to obtain the first level as a qualified worker in this field. 

The ERAC obtained the accreditation from the Ministry of Culture to deliver this diploma in July last year alongside the École Supérieure d’Art Dramatique de Paris (Paris Academy of Dramatic Arts) and the École de la Comédie de Saint-Etienne (Saint-Etienne School of Acting) with whom we have worked to set up these courses.

Since the autumn of 2016, those people wishing to take the DE in theatre teaching can contact one of the three establishments accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, which work together to provide the training for and delivery of this diploma.  

All three schools can provide the initial and further training as well as the final examinations; the VAE (Validation des acquis de l’expérience – Validation of professional experience) will first be organised only by the ERAC.


The four paths

Path 1 – Initial training

Path 2 – Further training

Path 3 – Aptitude testing through examinations

Path 4 - Validation of professional experience (VAE)

Each of these paths is selected in accordance with the candidate’s profile. The candidates thus oriented towards the path that best corresponds to their needs and the specific skills required. Proof of experience gained and skills acquired must be provided.   

An interview prior to admission will enable the candidate’s profile to be evaluated and thus determine the appropriate orientation, as well as determining the relevant financial conditions.



The Words in Acts programme is linked to the setting up of the National Diploma in Theatre Teaching. The young actors and confirmed artistes will place their art at the disposition of the teachers and their pupils by using the working techniques of an actor to bring them to:

- speaking to an audience in public,

- reading out loud

- analysing works,

- listening to, adroitness, concentration and self-confidence,

- the pleasure of reading.

This joint work between the artiste and the teacher will enable the pupils in the classes involved to be provided with the tools essential to progressing in the field of culture. With equal rights to access this field the pupil is free to follow their own career path.

Each 6hr course run (3 x 2hrs) respects a charter defining the teaching objectives and conditions in which the course will take place for the pupils and teachers of each class concerned. 



To set up « teaching brigades » that provide the practical courses to be run (1500 hrs each year); this is likely, in the future, to increase the demand to set up similar courses within numerous establishments.